From the Earth
within our imagination,
into the universe
beyond our imagination.

Would you like to travel
with contemporary artist Noburu Tsubaki?

When I look at space, I realize how small humans are.
I suddenly thought,
“Are we okay like this?”

Earth is too real and too bound by facts.
It makes it hard to imagine a future beyond those existing facts.

Losing your imagination takes away your will to live.

However, there is still room in the universe
that allows for imagination.
“What is the space?”
Let’s start with exploring the answer to this question.


Mr. Noboru Tsubaki’s
very own NFT project

Humans need to find more space, but there’s no more space on Earth. There are still some people who try to take land from others through war, but that shouldn’t be the only option. Starting with the faint dream of WEB 1.0, I have high hopes for WEB 3.0. With ART 3.0 already becoming a reality in KYOTO, I started this project to bring ART 3.0 into the Metaverse. Let’s build ART’s DAO with ULTRA friends! Please join our community and help us with your strength!

Noboru Tsubaki

Born in 1953, in Kyoto. Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Kyoto City University of the Arts. Professor of Department of Fine and Applied arts and Graduate school at Kyoto University of the Arts. Exhibited the sculpture, “Fresh Gasoline,” at the group exhibit titled “Against Nature,” in 1989. Participated in the Vince Biennale, 1993. Exhibited a giant inflatable grasshopper called “Insect World - Grasshopper” at Yokohama Triennale, 2001. Held solo exhibitions at Art Tower Mito, 2003, The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto, 2009, Kirishima Open-air Museum, Kagoshima, 2012. He questions the critical state of society through his artworks with humorous giant toys made of inflatable balloons. Director of “Sakate + Hishio project” in 2013, and “Shodoshima Future Project” in 2016, as a part of the Setouchi Trienniale, Aomori Triennale since 2017, and ARTISTS’ FAIR KYOTO since 2018. At the Department of Fine and Applied Arts of Kyoto University of the Arts, where he currently serves as a professor, he changed degree shows to art fairs and founded the “ARTOTHÈQUE” project to promise the domestic art market. He believes that art projects are innovative tools to establish sustainable societies.


Noboru Tsubaki’s
“Fresh Gasoline,” was
inspired by the universe

I want people to feel the “essence” of things rather than focus on the “physical” object.
This was my wish when creating Fresh Gasoline.
The four genomes are not human-made. They express what is spontaneously created in the moment cells split when planets collide and join together. The universe itself is made up of the surfaces of bubbles sticking together. The universe is the origin of all ideas and the source of energy generation.

Noboru Tsubaki’s Story

  • 1

    Ever since I was a child, I always loved looking up at the night sky. I was always more interested in fantasy than reality. In the 1960s, I joined an astronomy club.

  • 2

    I became an artist after graduating from art school, but I realized that I was not a person of the universe or monoculture.

  • 3

    In 1989, when the Berlin Wall collapsed, “FRESH GASOLINE” was exhibited around the United States. When I gave the exhibition the title “AGAINST NATURE,” I realized that the title was more important that the physical work of art itself. This is because words have the power to add more meaning to a piece of art beyond what the physical object can portray.

  • 4

    In 2000, I moved on to the multiverse method, in which several artists fused inside of me, and began to produce strange creatures one after another.

  • 5

    Then comes the blockchain. As someone who sees the genome, rather than the physical body, as the main subject, I feel comfortable with the idea of will residing within data.

  • 6

    The WEB3 and DAO space is full of 1960s fever, and this planet is too boring now. I’m sure you’ll want to move to a new space that can unleash your imagination.

  • 7

    Next up, I’ll generate “Space Colony Tsubaki” on MOON 11.4°W43.3°S THYCO. I won’t go into detail because I might go back and lose this… There aren’t very many tickets. Hurry up my friends!

Project Roadmap

2022.12.03 Pre-mint 10 Mene tokens. Start whitelist registration for Artemis/Selene/Hecate/Delia/40 Mene tokens.
2023.01.30 Mint Artemis/Selene/Hecate/Delia/40 Mene tokens.
*Whether or not there’ll be a public sale will depend on the number of tokens sold at pre-sale.
2023.03.03-05 Release information about collaborations at the Artists Fair.
2023 Winter Open Space Colony Tsubaki in the Metaverse.

To be continued


Ability to participate
Space Colony Tsubaki’s
strategy meetings

I invite all token holders (LOGOS, hereafter) to join our private Discord channel. I’d like to make every decision together, from preparing for the trip to making construction plans and more.

from Mr. Metapolice

I’ll be sending whimsical messages to LOGOS, so please be on the look out. I’m excited for other crazy friends to join me in building this community, where we will be able to say wacky things we normally can’t say in public.

Trip to
Space Colony Tsubaki
in the Metaverse

I’m not a leader or anything. I’m just a beast that’s been expelled from Earth. I give you automony. I’d like to go to space as soon as I can gather enough travel partners.

Priority registration
for Space Colony Tsubaki
events on Earth

We’ll travel to space together, but I also plan to visit Earth frequently. I’ll always save some spots for LOGOS whenever I host events on Earth.

Ability to recycle
Fresh Gasoline NEO

Every Fresh Gasoline NEO is unique. Utilize the technology of 3D printers to multiply them as you like. I am thrilled to see my work spread across the universe.

There’s also a blackhole in Space Colony Tsubaki.
Be careful. You don’t want to accidentally fall into the dark side.


Please buy an NSCT ticket for
“Space Colony Tsubaki”.
Since it’s a long trip,
I’ll be riding in the special seat.

Note: Purchasers can freely print the 3D data that comes with any ticket.
For those who want high-quality prints, we will
provide printing service. Please contact us for details.


Fresh Gasolin NEO Residence

Rarity Level Pluto
Number of tickets 1
Price 1,0000 ETH (Design Fee) *Construction costs must be paid for separately
Sales Method In order of whitelist registration
What’s included A work of art that you can actually live in, created from Fresh Gasoline NEO (FGN) data. The living room will be decorated with a tempera painting by Mr. Noboru Tsubaki that shows the ruins of Fresh Gasoline NEO residence decaying . The painting is a depiction of what Fresh Gasoline NEO residence will look like 50,000 years from now. Everything from building the frame to special metal fittings will be done as a joint project with architects and partnering companies.

Fresh Gasolin NEO Oil Painting

Rarity Level Charon
Number of tickets 5
Price 50 ETH
Sales Method In order of whitelist registration
What’s included A set of two 200cm x 200cm x 15cm oil on canvas paintings from the “This is My Property” series.
Fresh Gasoline NEO (FGN) 3D data included (unique).
*Printing costs must be paid separately.

Fresh Gasolin NEO Oil Painting Small

Rarity Level Orcus
Number of tickets 10
Price 20 ETH
Sales Method In order of whitelist registration
What’s included A set of two 100cm x 100cm x 7cm oil on canvas paintings from the “This is My Property” series.
Fresh Gasoline NEO (FGN) 3D data included (unique).
*Printing costs must be paid separately.

Fresh Gasolin NEO Drawing

Rarity Level Ixion
Number of tickets 30
Price 10 ETH
Sales Method In order of whitelist registration
What’s included A set of two 31.5cm x 31.5cm x 3cm acrylic on plastic platform paintings from the “This is My Property” series.
Fresh Gasoline NEO (FGN) 3D data included (unique).
*Printing costs must be paid separately.

Fresh Gasolin NEO 3D Data

Rarity Level Albion
Number of tickets 50
Price 5 ETH
Sales Method In order of whitelist registration
What’s included Concept drawing of Space Colony Tsubaki
Fresh Gasoline NEO (FGN) 3D data included (unique).
*Printing costs must be paid separately.

How to buy a ticket

People who have registered for the whitelist will be given an opportunity to purchase tickets first.
● Whitelist registration will be done on a first come, first served basis. If you want a ticket, we suggest you register as soon as possible.
● You’ll be able to choose from 2 payment methods. If you have a wallet, you can pay with Ethereum. If you don’t have a wallet, you can pay with a credit card.




When will I be able to purchase Fresh Gasoline Neo?


Pre-sale for a limited number of Fresh Gasoline Neo's will start on December 3rd. We will share information about future sales through Twitter and Discord. Please look out for our updates!


What will the fund be used for?


Proceeds from this project, excluding necessary expenses, will be used to fund the creation of an innovative DAO community in the Metaverse.


How can I use Fresh Gasoline Neo 3D data?


You can freely change the color of your Fresh Gasoline Neo by resizing and exchanging filaments with a general-purpose 3D printer. There is no print limit, so you can enjoy modifying the data as many times as you want at your own risk.


What is a wallet?


In this context, a wallet refers to a digital wallet needed for NFT transactions.
If you do have a wallet, we'll transfer your Fresh Gasoline Neo NFT directly to the wallet address you provide.
However, you can still purchase Fresh Gasoline NEO without a wallet. Our team will manage the transaction for you if you agree to the terms and conditions.


Is there be a whitelist?


Yes. The pre-sale on December 3rd will go in order of whitelist registration. We will share information about future sales through Twitter and Discord. Please look out for our updates!


Is there an age requirement for whitelist registration?


Everyone over the age of 15 can register for the whitelist.


What is the maximum number of NFTs one person can mint?


Due to the limited number of NFTs, each person is limited to one of each type.


Are there different benefits for different types of products?


Each owner will be granted the same benefits, regardless of the rarity or price. Only the content of the accompanying work changes.


What will be the price at initial mint?


The price for each product is listed, but it is just a reference price. Please stay tuned for information on the final price.


What is the royalty fee rate for secondary distribution?


The management team will collect 10% royalty fees.


Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions you may have about our upcoming trip to space.

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